Essays and Articles

Ben Carrington, Sociologist

The Critical Sociology of Race and Sport: The First Fifty Years (2013)
B Carrington
Annual Review of Sociology 39, 379-398

Introduction: sport matters (2012)
B Carrington
Ethnic and Racial Studies 35 (6), 961-970

The Obamas and the New Politics of Race (2012)
S Browne, B Carrington
Qualitative Sociology, 1-9

Improbable grounds: The emergence of the black British intellectual (2010)
B Carrington
South Atlantic Quarterly 109 (2), 369-389

Fear of a black president (2009)
B Carrington
Soundings 43 (1), 114-124

Leeds and the topographies of race: In six scenes (2009)
B Carrington
Sport, Leisure and Culture in the Postmodern City. Surrey: Palgrave

“What’s the Footballer Doing Here?” Racialized Performativity, Reflexivity, and Identity (2008)
B Carrington
Cultural Studies↔ Critical Methodologies 8 (4), 423-452

Introduction: rethinking labour and leisure (2008)
B Carrington
Routledge 27 (4), 369-374

The politics of ‘race’ and sports policy in the United Kingdom (2008)
B Carrington, I McDonald
Sport and society, A student introduction, 230-55

Merely Identity: Cultural Identity and the Politics of Sport (2007)
B Carrington
Sociology of Sport Journal 24 (1)

Cosmopolitan Olympism, humanism and the spectacle of ‘race’ (2004)
B Carrington
Post-Olympism, 81-98

Black Skin, White Flannels: A Study of the Role of Sport in the Construction of Black Identity (2004)
B Carrington
Leeds Metropolitan University

Dance nations: rethinking youth subcultural theory (2004)
B Carrington, B Wilson
A. Bennett e K. Kahn-Harris, After Subculture, Londres, Palgrave Macmillan

‘Race’, Sport and British Society (2003)
B Carrington, I McDonald
Leisure Studies 273, 280

The Politics of Race and Sports Policy (2003)
B Carrington, IAN McDONALD
Sport and Society: A Student Introduction, 125

Race’, sport and British society (2002)

Sport, racism and inequality (2002)
B Carrington, I McDonald
Sociology Review 11 (3), 8-11

Fear of a black athlete: Masculinity, politics and the body (2002)
B Carrington
new formations, 91-110

Global clubcultures: Cultural flows and late modern dance music culture (2002)
B Carrington, B Wilson
Young people in risk society: The restructuring of youth identities and …

Decentering the centre: Cultural studies in Britain and its legacy (2001)
B Carrington
A companion to cultural studies, 275-297

The global Jordanscape (2001)
B Carrington, DL Andrews, SJ Jackson, Z Mazur
Michael Jordan, Inc.: Corporate sport, media culture, and late modern …

Whose game is it anyway? Racism in local league cricket (2001)
B Carrington, I McDonald
Race’, sport and British society, 49-69

Postmodern blackness and the celebrity sports star: Ian Wright,“race,” and English identity (2001)
B Carrington
Sport Stars: The cultural politics of sporting celebrity, 102-123

Double consciousness and the black British athlete (2000)
B Carrington
Black British culture and society: A text-reader, 133-156

Cricket, culture and identity: An ethnographic analysis of the significance of sport within black communities (1999)
B Carrington

Sport, masculinity, and black cultural resistance (1998)
B Carrington
Journal of Sport & Social Issues 22 (3), 275-298

Nation, football and the politics of exclusion (1998)
B Carrington
Fanatics!: power, identity, and fandom in football, 101

Crossing the Boundary: a study of the nature and extent of racism in local league cricket (1997)
JA Long, M Nesti, B Carrington, N Gilson
Leeds Metropolitan University

‘Asians cannot wear turbans in the scrum’: explorations of racist discourse within professional rugby league (1997)
J Long, B Carrington, K Spracklen
Leisure Studies 16 (4), 249-259

Jordanscapes: A Preliminary Analysis of the Global Popular (1996)
DL Andrews, SJ Jackson, B Carrington, Z Mazur
Sociology of Sport Journal 13

One continent under a groove
B Carrington, B Wilson