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Ben Carrington, Sociologist

28 January 2014
As its first black head coach, Charlie Strong brings change to 120-year old Texas football program
The Daily Texan / by Garrett Callahan

Sociology professor Ben Carrington, whose research focuses on race and sports, told The Daily Texan in May 2012 that UT hiring a “well-paid, well-qualified black head coach is the day we can really say we’ve changed.”

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22-24 February 2013
The Global White Sports/Media Complex and the Politics of Sport
On Feb. 22-24 the Texas Program in Sports and Media hosted the sixth “Summit on Communication and Sport” for scholars studying sports within the broader discipline of communication studies.

Held in partnership with the International Association for Communication and Sport, around 100 scholars from varied theoretical and methodological approaches and from around the world gathered to identify, understand and critique the communicative significance of sport.

The summit included a plenary address by Ben Carrington, associate professor of sociology at The University of Texas at Austin and a panel discussion of sport scholarship experts.

2 May 2012
Ben Carrington discusses a variety of topics
The Daily Texan / by Sameer Bhuchar

The Daily Texan sat down with associate professor Ben Carrington to discuss a variety of topics, including UT’s slow integration process to the Rooney Rule, to what the University athletic department can do to separate itself as a beacon of diversity.

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17 April 2012
Linsanity and the Model Minority Myth
The Society Pages / by Stephen Suh and Kyle Green

n February, New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin seemingly came out of nowhere to propel the struggling Knicks to seven straight victories. Suddenly, the Knicks were relevant again and “Linsanity” was in full force. Drafted in 2010, Lin is the first Taiwanese American to play in the NBA and the first Harvard graduate to do so since the 1950s.

Now, just a few months removed from this improbable craze, Jeremy Lin has all but disappeared from the public radar; he will likely miss the remainder of the NBA season with an injury. We rounded up three leading scholars on race and sports to reflect upon Jeremy Lin’s stint as a media sensation.

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21 February 2012
What’s behind the violence in sports matches?
Al Jazeera / The Stream / Interview with Ben Carrington

Face paint, costumes and loud chants are all common at major sporting events, as passionate fans express support for their teams. However, what is it that turns these scenes into ones of aggression?

On Feb 20, basketball fans in Serbia clashed leaving several injured. Earlier this month, at least 74 people were killed and more than 1,000 people injured during a football match in Egypt.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to Ben Carrington, sociology professor at University of Texas, Austin; Sean Gregory, sports writer for Time magazine; and Piara Powar, executive director at FARE Network.

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20 June 2011
Interview with Ben Carrington
Simon Dawes interviews Ben Carrington on his recently published book, Race, Sport and Politics: The Sporting Black Diaspora, published as part of the Theory, Culture and Society Book Series (Sage, 2010).

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17 December 2010
Left of Black with Khalil Muhammad and Ben Carrington
Season 1, Episode 13: Mark Anthony Neal talks with new Schomburg Center director, Khalil Muhammad. Later on, Mark is joined by Professor Ben Carrington.