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Ben Carrington, Sociologist

Professor Ben Carrington has written widely on a range of topics including the sociology of race, gender and culture, post/colonial theory, Marxism and culture, sports studies, media studies, youth culture and music. More specifically, he is interested in how ideologies of race shape – and are themselves shaped by – cultural forms, practices and identities and how popular culture is often a key site of both cultural resistance and domination. He has published four books and is currently working on a new ethnographic project examining the contemporary state of black cultural politics within the Caribbean diaspora. In addition to his books, Ben Carrington has also published numerous essays and articles.

  • "9780415375412Including editors Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald, the eleven authors in this collection form an impressive team of sociologists, anthropologists, and media, race, and sports scholars...compared to most anthologies, this collection offers a degree of unity and coherence that is rarely found...Overall, the editors’ lofty goals for the volume—to raise the level of theoretical debate within sports studies and to focus the theoretical 'weaponry’ of Marxism and Cultural Studies on the field of sport—have been realized."

    — Contemporary Sociology
  • "9780415246309'Race', Sport and British Society is the most comprehensive account ever written about the subject - it presents a timely and vital challenge to all of us about understanding and addressing the subtitles of 'race' and racism in sport."

    — Jennifer Hargreaves
  • "9781412901031Ben Carrington's book makes a striking contribution to a critical understanding of the troubled relationship between sport and 'race'. In creating a rare discursive space from which 'the black athlete' can speak beyond the usual clichés, and challenging insidious essentialisms that aspire to be progressive, he demonstrates convincingly the deep influence of sport on contemporary racialised meanings and ideologies."

    — David Rowe
    Centre for Cultural Research (CCR), University of Western Sydney
  • "9780415375412Ben Carrington and Ian McDonald’s anthology Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport – the eighth volume in Routledge’s admirable Critical Studies in Sport series – successfully addresses all three of the aims outlined in the Series Editors’ Preface. [...]As a means by which to engage intellectually-curious undergraduates with an interest in the critical study of sport, and as a means for attempting to make sense of current sport policy – whereby the country is spending billions hosting the Olympics and bidding for World Cups while depriving its schools of adequate funding for grassroots sport – this volume is indispensible."

    — Neil Ewen
    Independent Researcher
  • "9780415246309So often in books on sport there is no mention of 'race', and in books on 'race' there is no reference to sport. At last here is a superb and scholarly collection that brings the two together."

    — Heidi Safia Mirza
  • "CompSportcoverAn outstanding cast of authors has provided a veritable tour de force of critical inquiry and analysis into the roles of sport in contemporary society. Cutting edge scholarship."

    — Daryl Adair
    University of Technology, Sydney
  • "CompSportcoverCombining accessible overviews of established fields of research in sport studies with lively discussions of emergent ideas, this landmark text is invaluable."

    — Samantha King
    Queen's University
  • "CompSportcoverThis collection offers an important resource documenting the ways in which sport matters culturally as a site of popular pleasure and identifications fraught with ideological and political significance."

    — Mary McDonald
    Miami University
  • "9780415375412Theoretically provocative and enlightening."

    — Leisure Studies
  • "9781412901031Despite the growth in scholarship on sport and culture in the last two decades, issues of race have received far less attention than is warranted. Ben Carrington's book Race Sport and Politics offers a valuable addition to the field. It is a fresh, lively and stimulating discussion that should constitute a key starting point for all lecturers, students and general readers with an interest in sport and culture"

    — Garry Whannel
    Centre for International Media Analysis, Research and Consultancy (CIMARC), University of Bedfordshire
  • "9781412901031From tennis to soccer, basketball to boxing, football to golf, the visibility of black athletes within global popular culture is beyond dispute. Rejecting the view that the level playing field of sport provides compelling evidence that we have moved beyond the racial inequalities of the past, Race, Sport and Politics suggests instead that sport has long constituted an important site of struggle for racist and anti-racist projects alike, and that ideas about the "the black athlete" persist as central to contemporary racial politics. In this intellectual tour-de-force, Carrington navigates the troubling contradictions of race and sport, helping us see that when we forgo blind celebration of the exploits of black athletes we might see new paths for racial progress."

    — Patricia Hill Collins
    Distinguished University Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Maryland
  • "9780415375412Marxism, Cultural Studies and Sport is particularly welcome. There can be no better time to examine the ways in which both Marxism and Cultural Studies have enabled an examination of sport that can go beyond the merely biomechanical, the simplistically psychological or sociological descriptions of most sports studies"

    — New Formations


Ben Carrington, Sociologist